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What The Sector Can Offer You?

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What career development opportunities exist in the wider arts sector?

At this extraordinary event, representatives from esteemed institutions and companies across London's thriving arts sector gathered under one roof, uniting in their mission to cultivate a landscape of artistic excellence. The atmosphere was electric, as the air crackled with the potential to shape promising futures for aspiring creatives and professionals.

As the evening unfolded, attendees had the chance to engage with the brilliant minds from these prestigious organisations. Through lively conversations, workshops, and presentations, they gained unique insights into the world of arts, discovering first-hand the vast number of paths available to them.

But this event was not just about discovering opportunities; it was a celebration of community and the spirit of collaboration. Attendees had the privilege to broaden their networks, forging new connections with like-minded individuals and potential mentors. Witnessing the passion and determination of those present, it became evident that this gathering was much more than just an event; it was a testament to the transformative power of the arts.

‘It’s hard to find programmes unless you know where to look, so this has been really helpful.‘
Creative Careers Attendee

Session Recap

On this memorable evening, Matt, the event host, led the charge, guiding contributors and representatives through their engaging presentations. The gathering, a blend of familiar faces and newcomers, was buzzing with enthusiasm, all seeking a common thread that tied them together – the pursuit of opportunity.

Among the 80-odd attendees, many were first-timers, eager to explore the possibilities that this event could unveil. For those returning to the Creative Careers series, the event held deeper significance and was an opportunity to build their network. Matt's warm and inclusive approach set the tone for genuine interactions. 

Before diving into the presentations, Matt took a moment to inquire about the attendees' expectations for the evening. The responses were diverse but unified by a common desire:

  • Connections: Building meaningful relationships with peers and professionals in the creative industry.
  • Job Opportunities: Exploring potential career avenues and openings in their respective fields.
  • Information: Seeking valuable insights and knowledge from experienced individuals to aid their creative journeys.


‘I don’t think I know enough about the financial side to take the risk and get things wrong. But the mentorship programmes look good.‘
Creative Careers Attendee

Creative Careers Self-Help Guide

Here is a list of the extraordinary organisations that generously shared their opportunities during the evening. Please do check them out:

Youth Music Next Gen works directly with young people between the ages of 18 and 25 to help them get into the music industry, beyond being a creative or performer but getting into and amongst the whole of the industry.

A New Direction champions creativity in young people across London (notably Hackney). Working across the whole spectrum of the creative industry, it seeks to empower 16 to 30 year olds that may have not had the step-up and networking opportunities that are available to others. 

The Albany is a theatre and arts centre in Lewisham, South East London, the Mayor of London’s Borough of Culture. It supports young people from ages 5 to 25. 

Creative Mentor Network is a charity that’s existed for over 5 years and has supported almost 1500 young people through mentorship programmes across the creative industry.


Make Your Own Masters was born out of frustration from Stacie — the programme Founder — who couldn’t get a job after being “spat out” of university with her Graphic Design degree and was struggling to find job security in London. With an attitude of “Why not me?”, she went on to devise an independent Masters programme for young people in similarly less privileged positions. 

PEER is a neighbourhood space for art and culture working in visual arts, which helps artists explore new directions in their work.

Rich Mix is an arts centre in Shoreditch that hosts all sorts of events and creative ventures across visual art, cinema and community. 

Somerset House is the home of cultural innovators, it connects creativity and the arts with wider society.

‘Even if you're studying a creative subject that you want to do at your university or college, it’s still really hard to know how to get in the door and connect with people.‘
Creative Careers Attendee
three people sitting around a table

Creative Careers: What the Sector Can Offer You?

Photography by Matthew Kaltenborn

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Creative Careers: What the Sector Can Offer You?

Photography by Matthew Kaltenborn.

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Creative Careers: What the Sector Can Offer You?

Photography by Matthew Kaltenborn.

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Creative Careers: What the Sector Can Offer You?

Photography by Matthew Kaltenborn.

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Creative Careers: What the Sector Can Offer You?

Photography by Matthew Kaltenborn.