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Guest Episode: Autism Through Cinema

This week, we have a special guest episode from the Autism Through Cinema podcast as they discuss everything from autistic characters on screen, how filmmakers can make film sets more inclusive to whether there’s an autistic aesthetic in cinema.

Can we talk about Power?

Playlist: Can We Talk About Power? by Ahmed Akasha

Amplified DJ collective member Ahmed Akasha has curated a playlist of songs that act as a provocation on power. Expect tracks from artists old and new, that will have you considering the wide-ranging ways in which power and life are intertwined.

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Introducing Isamu Noguchi

Assistant Curator at The Noguchi Museum in New York, Kate Wiener introduces the life and work of Japanese American sculptor, Isamu Noguchi, drawing from Noguchi’s autobiographical writings and documents from The Noguchi Museum Archives.

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ScreenNotes: Watermelon Man

Barbican Cinema curator Matthew Barrington, explores the history behind this classic of 70s African American cinema, directed by legendary director, Melvin Van Peebles.

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Me, Headway, Dubuffet and art brut

Submit to Love Studios member Chris Miller shares the impact art has had on his life following his stroke, and reflects on the work of Dubuffet and art brut.  

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Video Essay: How is Autism depicted in cinema?

To celebrate our 'Autism and Cinema' season, Luís Azevedo (aka Beyond the Frame) looks at the way cinema has depicted autistic characters, and considers how the language of cinema can be challenged and changed by autistic perspectives.

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From Art Brut to Outsider Art

A Little History of Art Beyond the (So-Called) Mainstream - Charlotte Flint explores the origins of Dubuffet’s phrase ‘Art Brut’, its impact on art history, the different artists whose work he collected, alongside the importance of ‘Art Brut’ today.