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woman with a recorder

Barbican Sessions #17: Lucie Horsch

Lucie Horsch performs the third movement ‘The Actor with the Monkey’ of Isang Yun’s 'Chinesische Bilder' for solo recorder in the foyer of Cinema 1. 

Illustration for Rebecca Coleman
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Life Rewired Reads: Rebecca Coleman

How does streaming digital entertainment change your perception of time? Rebecca Coleman asks what ‘now’ means in a world where media is all-pervasive and always on.

Animated man

Design Yourself: Augmented Bodies

In the first session of our Life Rewired inspired Design Yourself project, our young creatives start exploring how people are augmenting their bodies with technology. 

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Using VR to tell rare stories

'That day, Nyarri saw a thing he couldn’t name. It would be twenty years before he heard the words atomic bomb' - Curtis, Nyarri’s grandson

a triptych of jeremiah sugar j brown, aisling fahey and travis alabanza
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Ten years of Barbican Young Poets

We celebrate ten years of Barbican Young Poets and talk to three alumni about their experience being on the project, where they are now, and the impact of poetry on their lives.