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Young Creatives

Young Changemakers

6 young people standing in a line by the Barbican lakeside

A Young Creatives programme which puts future changemakers at the heart of decision-making processes at the Barbican.

The Young Changemakers is for young people, between the ages of 18 and 29, that aims to put young people at the heart of decision-making processes at the Barbican.


After a successful first year of delivering our Barbican Young Changemakers programme, which has seen a set of recommendations produced by the latest cohort, we have made the decision to change the structure of the programme to a two-year process, with bi-annual recruitment. This will give us the opportunity over the coming year to take each of the recommendations to the next stage, exploring how and when we might deliver them. We will do this in partnership with our existing Changemaker group.

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Meet the Young Changemakers

Image of Jordan standing in front of Barbican lake, wearing blue zip up fleece

Jordan Abankwah

Jordan Abankwah is a creative with a passion for socially led projects that impact local communities and young people.

He has experience working in Community Engagement and Public Arts at UCL East and as a facilitator at Blackhorse Workshop running workshops in creative activism with 16 – 25 year olds.

Balancing his fondness of culture, ceramics, digital illustration, co-creation and more - he always seeks to embed narratives in his designs and projects.

Image of Caroline wearing black jumper

Carolina Moya

My creative practice has never really boiled down to one, tangible thing. Writing, painting, ceramics, dancing, traveling and gardening have all been expressions of a long-winded searching. Part of this searching has been the realization that creativity, rather than being bounded in practice, is in fact everything that happens in the “in-between”. Those liminal spaces in which certainty is suspended and skin is shed and repurposed–this to me is where the creative force of the world is most present.

Image of Peter smiling, wearing blue jacket

Peter Miller

Alongside my creative practice as a poet, I have had various roles in museums and galleries. I have worked as a curatorial research intern for the National Trust and as a volunteer at Grand Union gallery Birmingham. Further roles include public engagement and learning assistant at the Pitt Rivers Museum and collections management intern at the Ashmolean Museum. More recently, I co-curated Intimacies, after Vallotton, a student-led exhibition at the Old Fire Station in Oxford.

Image of Wanjiku smiling, wearing black top

Wanjiku Mucai

I specialise in contemporary cultural commentary with a specific focus on the black experience. This spans from dissecting popular culture to documenting on modern African history. My aim is to encapsulate the complexity of blackness through exploring its varying elements; this has included highlighting African ‘herstorical’ figures to utilising literary devices in order to detail powerful messages conveyed within a popular music video. Overall, I am passionate about championing written work within the form of essays and feature articles, to celebrate the multifaceted nature of this inherently political position.

Image of Rachel smiling, wearing brown vest over white top, long dark hair

Rachel Cleverly

Rachel Cleverly is a poet and producer. She is a Barbican Young Poet, an Old Vic Theatre Maker and an alumnus of Apples and Snake's 'The Writing Room' and BBC Words First. She has an MA in Creative Writing from UEA, and has been published by The North, Poetry Wales, SPAM, The Feminist Library, Ink, Sweat & Tears and flipped eye press among others, and has been shortlisted for the UEA New Forms Award and Winchester Poetry Prize. Rachel works as an Education Officer at The Poetry Society, where she manages the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award.

Instagram/Twitter: @rachel_cleverly

Image of Maisie smiling, wearing black dress and has red curly hair

Maisie Wilson

Starting my career at a Modern Art gallery in Oxford, I'm currently working for a music charity/concert hall in Bristol in the day, and DJing in the night. I do bits and bobs of creative production in my spare time, from socialist festivals to queer raves. My raison d'etre in my work is radical spaces for all and the power of the community.

Headshot of Khadija

Khadija Choudhury

Hello! My name is Khadija, I am an undergraduate in Arts and Sciences. Much like my academic interests, my hobbies are all over the place. I love writing, drawing and singing, occasionally dabbling in other creative fields like photography. I have delivered events for the community with LIFT festival, The Old Church and Lost Blocks Collective. I also love research and am currently on a research mentorship scheme with In2Research.

Image of Gabriele looking into the distance, standing in front of houses

Gabriele Uboldi

Gabriele is a theatremaker, producer, and researcher. They work across theatre, audio, and curation, with a particular interest in creating work that combines formal innovation with expressing queer and migrant narratives. They are the Artistic Director of Undone Theatre ( and have previously presented work at the Barbican, the Young Vic, and the Bridge Theatre. They are currently Assistant Producer at Jermyn Street Theatre. You can find out more on Gabriele’s website: