Gemma Arterton in The Escape

The Escape (15)

Built around a remarkable central performance from Gemma Arterton, The Escape is a perceptive, deeply compassionate portrait of a woman on the rocky road to becoming herself.

Leaning Into the Wind

Leaning Into The Wind (PG)

Sixteen years after Rivers and Tides, filmmaker Thomas Riedelsheimer returns with this absorbing documentary portrait of the influential British sculptor and environmentalist Andy Goldsworthy.


The Heiresses (12A)

A quietly unfurling masterpiece centred on the life of two women from wealthy families in Asunción, Paraguay, as their lives unravel.

The Eyes of Orson Welles

The Eyes of Orson Welles (12A)

Mark Cousins directs and narrates this heartfelt love letter to Orson Welles, looking beyond his films to offer new perspectives on his way of seeing the world.

Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin (PG)

Ewan McGregor stars as Christopher Robin, now all grown up and more than a little lost, in this heartwarming tale of love and friendship.

Joan Crawford in Mildred Pierce

Mildred Pierce (PG)

Joan Crawford gives one of her most iconic – and her only Academy Award-winning – performances as Mildred Pierce in this quintessential film noir.

Alternate Realities

Alternate Realities: Sheffield Doc/Fest Touring Exhibition

The UK’s premiere documentary festival, Sheffield Doc/Fest, shares highlights from its Alternate Realities programme, dedicated to interactive augmented reality and virtual reality projects.