Widows (15)

Steve McQueen's blistering thriller with four women who take fate into their own hands after their husbands' crimes leave them with debts to settle.


Melancholia (15) + presentation by Valerio Lucarini

In this edition of Science on Screen, we revisit Lars von Trier's (Dogville, Dancer in the Dark) profound, visceral vision of depression and destruction.

The Rest I Make Up

Fringe!: The Rest I Make Up (15*) + ScreenTalk

Best known for her relationship with Susan Sontag, theatre-maker Maria Irene Fornes considered, by some, to be one of the most influential playwrights and teachers of the 20th century.

A City Without Jews

Die Stadt ohne Juden (PG)

This startlingly prescient silent film from inter-war Vienna, now with score from Olga Neuwirth, chillingly imagines – and astonishingly predicts – the consequences as a city succumbs to intolerance.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald | 3D (12A)

We return to JK Rowling's magical wizarding world for the latest instalment of the fight against Grindelwald and his extreme world view. 

PFF Ghost Hunting

Palestine Film Festival: Ghost Hunting (15*) + ScreenTalk

To confront the ghosts that haunt him, Palestinian director Raed Andoni assembles an eclectic group of ex-prisoners to re-enact their experiences of imprisonment and torture.