A teary eyed Leo Dicaprio talking to Brad Pitt in the street

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Digital Presentation

Quentin Tarantino’s latest film is a glorious ode to the final years of Hollywood’s Golden Age with a jumping jukebox soundtrack and glittering all-star cast

Simon Russel Beale, Adam Godley, Ben Miles

NT Encore: The Lehman Trilogy (12A)

Sam Mendes (SkyfallKing Lear) returns to the National to direct Ben Power's English version of Stefano Massini’s vast and poetic play.


2001: A Space Odyssey (U) + presentation

What better way to discuss the effect of technology upon us than through Stanley Kubrick's space-opera on humanity's evolution and the rise of AI's ultimate supercomputer HAL 9000?

Ghost in the Shell

Anime's Human Machines: Ghost in the Shell (15) + Intro

How human are you if every part of you is cybernetic and you’re not even sure who controls your brain?