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Schools and colleges

We turn world-class arts into unforgettable learning experiences for schools and colleges, helping to embed arts and creativity across the national curriculum

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Associate Schools

We partner with schools to create relevant and engaging learning experiences, empowering them to embed culture and creativity across the national curriculum.

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Barbican Box

Barbican Box is a portable Box filled with the ingredients for making and creating original artistic work, inspired by our multi-arts programme.

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National Development Programme

Our National Development Programme (NDP) tested and developed collaborative working models in our partnership regions

Group of students from Greenleaf School in stage performing

Primary Schools

We support creativity in the classroom by embedding the arts across the curriculum and creating unforgettable learning experiences.

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Secondary schools

Give your students unforgettable cultural learning experiences and deepen their understanding of the creative industries. Schools can visit us at the Barbican or explore our online resources.

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Further Education

We produce higher education and career pathways by giving students insight into the creative industries and opportunities to develop their talents