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Barbican Young Poet 2016-2017 Celestina Rowaiye

Produce fresh, raw and relevant work in the company of other passionate voices who love the written and spoken word

The Barbican Young Poets is a programme for writers who have something to say and are searching for a new way to say it. This programme will feed and challenge you to produce new and exciting work as you work with with internationally renowned poet and performer Jacob Sam-La Rose as well as guest facilitators and artists who will help develop different aspects of writing and performance work.

‘I feel like I’ve made friendships with the most amazing people who I respect and will collaborate with all my life.‘
Past participant

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Subject to Change

Subject to Change

Part of The Art of Change

Throughout 2018, we'll be celebrating The Art of Change by inviting 12 of our Young Poets to write and perform a poem that speaks to our changing world. The films will be released on the third Friday of each month. 

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Subject to Change: 'Honey' by Katie Hale

Our January poem comes from Katie Hale, as she performs her poem, 'Honey' - because what better way to interrogate a word than with a poem? Read our interview with Katie for more about her poem and how poetry can be a powerful vehicle for change.

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