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Anti-Racism Action Plan

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Our Anti-Racism Action Plan

The Barbican is committed to anti-racism. We’re undergoing a process of transformation, and our commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) sits at the heart of this. Our Anti-Racism Action Plan is an essential part of this work and will support us in establishing a foundation for anti-racism at the Barbican.

We recognise racism manifests in different ways. Our Anti-Racism Action Plan intends to address and tackle all forms of racism, discrimination and hatred. We hope that this practical approach to establishing anti-racism in our organisation will empower our staff to be confident in recognising and challenging racism that may occur within the Centre, online and beyond its walls. We believe that by removing barriers within the organisation we can play an important role in catalysing positive societal change.

This is a summary of our Anti-Racism Action Plan which sits within our EDI Strategy and Action Plan. We publish updates on our progress every six-months on our website.  


Our Anti-Racism Action Plan was finalised in January 2024. It is a key part of our wider EDI Strategy and underlines our commitment to tackling racism.  

The action plan was created in collaboration with our staff from the Global Majority who were able to shape and contribute to the plan through workshops, drop-in sessions and surveys. This collaboration has helped us to ensure that the plan is informed by and centres around understanding of lived experiences and builds commitment across the organisation to shape meaningful equity-based actions.

A significant portion of the action plan is dedicated to anti-racism learning and development opportunities for staff, to ensure that everyone across our organisation feels confident in understanding and implementing this work.  

The plan will use a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress. These KPIs include factors such as staff training completion rates, zero tolerance reports and resolutions, and People Survey responses analysed by ethnicity.  

Anti-Racism Action Plan

The Anti-Racism Action Plan consists of 17 actions split into five categories which align with the same themes of our overarching EDI Strategy and Action Plan.  

These actions were created and informed with feedback from our Global Majority staff. Addressing them will support us to recognise and combat racism by creating policies, systems and processes which make the Barbican an inclusive space for all our staff, visitors and artists. We aim to have achieved these actions by 2027, at which point we will go through a process of review.

Our initial priorities for the plan include starting our procurement process to implement anti-racism training for our staff; establishing a Zero Tolerance reporting system to report and track incidents of racism, and to formalise a Global Majority sponsorship programme.  

Our Anti-Racism Action Plan