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Virtual Realms

Two silhouettes of a girl and a boy wearing helmets and holding block shapes in front of a digital screen that shows colourful bubbles

Virtual Realms: Videogames Transformed is an immersive, multi-sensorial exhibition that transports videogames from the screen to the gallery.

Virtual Realms is made up of six new interactive experiences conceived by leading videogame developers, working in partnership with media designers. Curated by the celebrated game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi, in collaboration with the Barbican, this exhibition reimagines videogame creativity and reshapes how we can play together across virtual and physical realms.

The realms - SYNESTHESIA, UNITY, PLAY, CONNECTION, NARRATIVE, EVERYTHING - showcase six of the key themes found across the videogame medium. The videogame developers presented in this exhibition are celebrated for the ways in which they experiment with their realm theme throughout their gameography and creative design. Each realm is the product of a collaboration with six cutting-edge media design studios, which bring their expertise in creating interactive immersive experiences. 

Virtual Realms invites audiences to experience videogames transformed: from an explosion of your senses in SYNESTHESIA, created by Enhance and Rhizomatiks; to discovering moments of UNITY in light and sound, in a commission developed by thatgamecompany and FIELD.IO; a joyous celebration of interactivity in PLAY lead by Media Molecule and Marshmallow Laser Feast; sublime CONNECTIONS with other players through a cognitive wall, in an installation from KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS and The Mill; a never-ending 360-degree visual NARRATIVE developed by Tequila Works and The Workers; and a psychedelic reflection on the nature of EVERYTHING in the universe, conceived by David OReilly and onedotzero. Your journey through this exhibition will introduce you to new ways of approaching and enjoying videogames today.  

Co-produced in collaboration with ArtScience Museum, Singapore. 


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