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We partner with schools to create relevant and engaging learning experiences, empowering them to embed culture and creativity across the national curriculum.

Our award-winning model involves a school-wide approach that inspires senior leaders and teachers to harness the power of creativity, and to widen access to the arts for all their students. Barbican Creative Learning works with a small selection of schools over a three-year period to develop and deliver a menu of activities, events and projects in each academic year – working towards mutually-agreed objectives. The aim is to embed an ethos of creative and cultural education within the school that continues beyond the life of the programme itself.

To find out more information about our Associate Schools programme please email [email protected]

‘The programme has raised the profile of the arts in the school and beyond [..] enabled staff to use their creativity in school-based projects, inspired and motivated students and staff alike.‘
Teacher, The Garden School

Our Associate Schools: The Garden School

Photo of two boys playing the drums and man cheering them on

Watch: Garden School Film

Take a look at the Garden School Film, which is a celebration of the three-year partnership with Barbican Creative Learning and The Garden School (Associate School 2016-2019). 

Associate Schools

Associate Schools 2016 – 2019 

  • Greenleaf Primary School, Waltham Forest 
  • The Garden School, Hackney 
  • The Sydney Russell School, Barking and Dagenham

Associate Schools 2019 – 2023

  • City of London Primary Academy Islington, Islington  
  • New Regent's College, Hackney 
  • Whitefield Schools, Waltham Forest 
  • The Sydney Russell School, Barking and Dagenham (ongoing) 

Discover: Barking Nuns

Group of teenagers performing to their class mates

Watch: Barking Nuns

Watch the students of Sydney Russell School work with theatre company Complicité to explore the role of women in religion.

‘The combination of in-school workshops and external opportunities is key in developing student confidence and likeliness to engage with the arts‘
Teacher, Sydney Russell School