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Communities and Neighbourhoods

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We collaborate with local communities and neighbourhoods to unleash the power of creativity, forging better futures for more people.

Through collaboration and funding, we deliver programmes that bring together neighbours, artists, and institutions to work better together. We do this across two interconnected programmes; Communities in Residence and Creative Neighbourhoods, which are delivered through three strands of work.  

  • We co-create events and content, from large-scale festivals to more-intimate talks and screenings, made by, for, and with our communities and neighbourhoods. Our work takes place in venues and spaces of every shape and size both within the Barbican and beyond. We collaborate with local people to bring these spaces to life in unique and culturally relevant ways.   
  • Through community-led funding and grants we shift resources and power into the hands of the people who benefit from them. Through these funds, creatives have an opportunity to test new ideas and make things happen together in their local community. Through the process people get to meet, connect and find out more about what their neighbours are interested in, and we get to hear vital insights into how our work can be as useful, sustainable and regenerative as possible.  
  • We work with a family of collaborators and networks, forging long-term partnerships and creating spaces to listen, learn and work together. By nurturing partnerships and connection between the different groups of people we work with, we focus on encouraging dialogue and participation across different perspectives in new ways.  

Communities In Residence

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Communities In Residence

Communities In Residence is focused on making more space for the creativity and cultures of local communities at the heart of the Barbican’s future.  

This includes long-term partnerships with social justice-led organisations and creatives collaborating with people and teams across the Barbican to shift power and encourage meaningful participation.  

Alongside these partnerships, we also provide free space, activities, peer support and resources designed to support communities, neighbours, and people at the Barbican to work together in new ways. 

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Creative Neighbourhoods

Audience at a Stories & Supper screening

Creative Neighbourhoods

Creative Neighbourhoods focuses on collaborating with our neighbours, ensuring the Barbican plays an active role in helping diverse ecologies of culture and creativity to thrive. 

This includes collaborations with neighbours on our doorstep here in the City of London, and surrounding boroughs and those further east such as Waltham Forest.

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