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Image of Trokia Borrowed Light Barbican Centre Level G installation

Everyone's journey starts on Level G. Experience free installations, commissions and events in our public spaces, whatever time you visit.

Level G is an ideal place to meet friends, relax before a performance or to sit and use our communal desks to work. 

Due to private hire events, some Level G installations may not be open to the public at certain times. Check the schedule for details of upcoming closures. 

Free events & performances


Barbican Sessions

20 Feb–4 Mar

Now showing on Level G: Watch intimate live performances filmed around the Barbican, from our conservatory to our highwalks and beyond.

Projections by Christie.


Borrowed Light

5 Jun 2018—May 2019

Borrowed Light is a large scale installation by Troika that transforms the Lightwell of the Barbican into a setting for an artificial infinite loop of sunset and sunrise. 

A suspended 20m scroll of slowly moving photographic film immerses the space in a continually changing aura of coloured light. Creating rather than recording reality, it blurs the boundaries between experience and physical spheres, natural and man–made spaces.
Troika often applies high and low technology to the use of non-material or ephemeral media such as light, colour or water to frame experience as something fractured and transitory rather than absolute. With this installation Troika continue their research into the ways technology mediates our relationship with reality and how the digital world increasingly reaches out into the physical one

Troika is a collaborative contemporary art group formed by Eva Rucki (b. 1976, Germany), Conny Freyer (b.1976, Germany) and Sebastien Noel (b. 1977, France) in 2003.

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Watch: Edgelands - An Audio Journey

Roam the Barbican foyers using headphones to experience this audio journey, reframing the sounds and sights of the iconic arts centre as you discover an architecture of other spaces, resounding with the echoes of its Utopian foundations.

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