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Alternate Realities

A black and white photograph of a black man and a white woman are pieced together in a digital glitch

Step into another's shoes through a virtual mirror, select a shared story and discover layers of yourself echoed back to you in this personal exploration of human experience, identity and empathy.

The key intention of the ECHO experience is to generate empathy and connect people through shared identity and narrative. Situated inside a photo booth installation, the user is able to wear a deeply personal experience with another.  How do we feel when someone blinks with our eyes, smiles with our lips or speaks with our tongue? 


Suitable for ages 16+

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When is the installation open?
1–9pm Monday to Saturday, and 12–8pm on Sunday

How do I get a time slot?

First come, first serve –  just come along on the day. There's no advance booking in place.  

Are the installations accessible?

Echo is wheelchair accessible and the stories are all captioned in English. 

How long will I be spending in the installation?

About 10 minutes on average. 

We ask you to keep to your time slot to ensure everyone who has signed up for a slot gets a chance to experience the installations.

Is there an age restriction?

The installations are suitable for the ages of 16+, because of the adult themes explored.

People under the age of 16 won’t be permitted to use the installations.

Proof of age may be requested upon entry.

What happens to my image after using Echo?

Echo is an interactive, immersive artwork by Georgie Pinn that builds and shares an embodied archive of cross-cultural experience. By interacting with this work, you join the project's archive, however your image will not be used to identify you unless you agree to share your story directly with Georgie Pinn and the project. For more information please visit

Can I take photos in the installation?

Yes, you have permission to take photos. If you post, please tag us @BarbicanCentre – we’d love to hear about your experience.

Barbican Cinema 2&3, Level G