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Sensing the Air

Pollution Walking Tour

An image of the Barbican tunnel with plants inside

How can we sense the air? How do we know if it is polluted, and what does pollution mean? Join us for a workshop and a pollution walking tour that aims to answer these questions and more. 

This workshop aims to understand different forms of sensing air the air and air pollution, from technological devices to embodied practices.

Structured around two sensing practices, we first offer a hands-on exploration of a DIY air pollution sensor, where we will crack it open and interrogate its insides, will make visible how sensors work (or not) and will pose questions on measurement and accuracy, citizen science and advocacy.  

The second practice is a sensing Parcour, a 45 minute walking tour around the Barbican Centre, from the tunnels to the conservatory, to attune our bodies to their environments, and expand the ways in which we can collectively sense the air.

The tour will be led by Nerea Calvillo Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Methodologies from the University of Warwick.

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