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Life Rewired

A season exploring what it means to be human when technology is changing everything

Throughout 2019, we'll be investigating the impact of the pace and extent of technological change on our culture and society, looking at how we can grasp and respond to the seismic shifts these advances will bring about.

Life Rewired will interrogate how artists are responding to a time when technology is simultaneously enhancing our lives and challenging our identity by creating machines with human characteristics. It will explore how scientific breakthroughs can affect us at every stage of our life; from expert and first-person perspectives on IVF to the personal and societal impact of lengthening life expectancy. 

The season will demonstrate how artists are finding imaginative ways to communicate the human impact of unprecedented technological shifts, as well as finding creative new uses for artificial intelligence, big data, algorithms and virtual reality.

‘Our cross-arts approach enables us to offer something for everyone, showcasing the creative potential of new technology, while starting a conversation about the role we want it to play in our world‘
Louise Jeffreys, Artistic Director

Life Rewired Shorts

text message saying 'you can be so mean'

Life Rewired Shorts - Hovering Between Us by Miles Blacket

Miles Blacket presents his short film Hovering Between Us, exploring the digital disconnect between our digital lives and real day-to-day experience.

Life Rewired Hub

Visit the Life Rewired Hub on Level G

Talks, performances, workshops and residencies

Inspired by and responding to our cross-arts season for 2019, the Life Rewired Hub is our new pop-up space on Level G. Hosting a programme of talks, performances, workshops, and residencies, this flexible new structure invites audiences to engage with the dizzying impact of technological and scientific change on what it means to be human today.

The Hub will be home to an exhibition which presents new writing and short films from artists and thinkers who are navigating the complex, vast, and all-too-often confusing discourse taking place around the impact of technology on our lives.

The Life Rewired Hub is being programmed in partnership with the British Council and Royal Society, and has been designed by architects Dyvik Kahlen.

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Life Rewired Reads


What is the internet doing to our bodies?

'The rise of the web is synonymous with a new kind of body that is noticeably different to the ones which preceded it...'

Vybarr Cregan-Reid considers how the way we use tools changes the way we look, as part of our Life Rewired Reads series. 


Who benefits from technological change?

'Will the robots take our jobs? Will we have more time for leisure? Who will be the winners and losers?'

Urvashi Aneja imagines four alternative futures for work in the global south, as part of our Life Rewired Reads series.

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