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Daria Martin: Tonight the World

Artist and Jarman Award 2018 winner Daria Martin revisits dreams and memories from her personal family history to create a complex portrait of migration, loss and resilience.

Charles Atlas/Rashaun Mitchell/Silas Riener: Tesseract

An inventive exploration of the relationship between the human form and technology, presented in two distinct acts, during which film, dance and visual art seem to shift into kaleidoscopic dimensions.

Two people in a cube

Marcus du Sautoy & Victoria Gould: I is a strange loop

From the creative ensemble behind Complicité’s sensational A Disappearing Number, this two-hander unfolds to reveal an intriguing take on mortality, consciousness and artificial life.

Mother and daughter

Ursula Martinez: A Family Outing – 20 Years On

Twenty years after bringing her parents onstage in the sublime A Family Outing, Ursula Martinez attempts to recreate the show, without her Dad, and with a mother who can no longer remember her lines.

Person sat in the outback

Lynette Wallworth: Collisions

This immersive Emmy Award-winning documentary transports you to a startling collision between cultures, the viewing experience enhanced by 360-degree vision, CGI animation and enveloping sound.