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glitch artwork featuring the shape of two women's faces

Design Yourself: the Barbican

In the third workshop of our Life Rewired inspired Design Yourself project, our young creatives worked with artist Matthew Evans in a workshop that turned the Barbican into a composition using pixel sonification.  

Animated woman stands in front of a burning sun

Life Rewired Shorts: Extra Life by Matthew Harmer

If you were inside a machine which could simulate biochemical processes - would you be real? Or would you actually be just a series of 1s and 0s? Enter the world of online gaming and meet the people who inhabit these virtual territories. 

photo of a man with glasses holding a giant blue pill that is open in the middle

Barbican Sessions: Matmos

The experimental electronic duo use plastic trash and sampling to create a unique track filmed in the Life Rewired Hub.

photo of erland cooper in front of a piano in the barbican foyer

Barbican Sessions: Erland Cooper

Scottish multi-instrumentalist and producer Erland Cooper brings a tape machine, a piano and a cello together for an intimate performance in the Barbican Foyer.