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Inside Soundhouse: Intimacy and Distance

In this special episode of Nothing Concrete, we meet the curators of Soundhouse to hear more about their inspirations and thoughts about how we experience radio and podcasts. 

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Open Lab: Ones to watch in 2021

Always on a mission to find and support exciting new talent, our Theatre team has selected six must-see artists for our Open Lab programme.

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Michael Clark's Creative World: Dance with Richard Alston

In this podcast series, we meet some of the key figures in Michael Clark’s creative world. In this episode, we meet fellow choreographer, Sir Richard Alston, who worked with the 17-year old Michael right at the start of his career. 

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Creative Careers: 2021 Energy

In a series of photographs and writing, we share the perspectives of some of the members of Justice for Black Lives, to spark debate and reflection amongst young people who wish to develop a career in the creative industry.