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black and white photo of kamasi washington

Listen: Jazz playlist

From Blue Note classics to the recent UK jazz explosion, we highlight some of our favourite artists, many of whom have played here in the past.

Illustration of a Japanese garden

Listen: Japanese Innovators

A playlist featuring some of our favourite Japanese artists. From the ambient electronica of Ryuichi Sakamoto to the Noise Rock of Boredoms - we shine a light on the nation's innovative musical past and present.

a man in 80s nyc with a boombox

Listen: Downtown NYC music

Go back in time to 80s New York - a creative Mecca for artists, writers and musicians - with a small selection of tracks from those involved in the scene

photo of cuban musicians playing music

Listen: Cuban Music

Music is Cuba’s lifeblood, an inseparable part of the country’s cultural identity. Here we pick a small handful of our favourites from the nations past, present and future.

black and white photo of the barbican

Listen: Barbican Recommends

Tired of the same old tunes? Why not listen in to what the team here have been enjoying in the recent past. Anything and everything from Punk to Jungle to Classical.

photo of caroline shaw

Listen: Minimalism inspired music

This playlist explores Minimalism – the off-beam branch of classical music developed in New York in the early 1960s – and its huge influence on modern and experimental music. From the avant-garde and insightful musings of Laurie Anderson to the explorative rhythms of Midori Takada’s MKWAJU ensemble.