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Creative Careers: 2021 Energy

In a series of photographs and writing, we share the perspectives of some of the members of Justice for Black Lives, to spark debate and reflection amongst young people who wish to develop a career in the creative industry.

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My Barbican

We’re not just an arts centre, we’re also a community

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Online Exhibition: It All Comes Down

Explore an online exhibition by our Young Visual Arts Group, showcasing 70 artworks exploring the impermanence of social structures, the relationship between the individual & the collective and how the self is shaped by a dramatically changing world.

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Meet the Artist: Rachel Mars

In a new interview series, we get to know some of the performers, artists and creatives from our programme. First up, performance maker and writer, Rachel Mars as she shares some of her Barbican experiences - from a young audience member to award-winning performer on stage.

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Screen Notes: Enter the Brainbox

Edwin Rostron explores the diverse animations from our 'Enter the Brainbox' screening, curated by Christopher Childs and part of Emerging Film Curators 2020.