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A pair of dusty shoes, old lemonade can and packet of crisps in a cabinet
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Building the Barbican Archive: Forget Me Not

Barbican Young Curator Anahi Saravia Herrera shares her experience and documents their process of creating the first Young Curators' exhibition and its importance in the early stages of the development of the Barbican Archive.

Roujin Z
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ScreenNotes: Anime's Human Machines

Author and anime expert, Helen McCarthy presents a short history of anime at the Barbican and introduces the films selected for Anime’s Human Machines cinema season.

New_Suns artwork
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New Suns: Feminism and Technology

New Suns founder Sarah Shin explains the origins of the festival, and explores the literary work that inspired this year’s programme and theme - feminist approaches to technology.

Ai more than human
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Between Artificial and Human

Dr Beth Singler, a Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence, draws on her experiences in Japan and her anthropological research to explore some of the philosophical ideas behind AI: More than Human.

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Screen Notes: After the Wave

Cinema curator Tamara Anderson takes us back to the heady days of 1970s France and tells us how the films that came after the Nouvelle Vague were influenced by the turbulent political events of May 1968 – and why these films are still so relevant today.

Dancers in black and white
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Adapting T.S Eliot's Four Quartets

Professor Denis Donoghue introduces the poems and Gideon Lester, Artistic Director of Fisher Center at Bard, visits the locations in T.S Eliot's masterpiece that inspired the multi-disciplinary performance.

Echoes of Silence + Pestilent City
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Screen Notes: Bebop New York

Late-50s New York. In Greenwich Village bars and Times Square burger joints painters, writers, critics, musicians were making a new world. Filmmakers were right there too, advocating for freedom from convention.