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a photo of Soufiane Ababri

Subverting prejudice

From creating work lying in bed to choosing drawing as a medium, artist Soufiane Ababri’s practice is all-encompassing.

Costumes for My Neighbour Totoro designed by Kimie Nakano

An interview with My Neighbour Totoro Costume Designer Kimie Nakano

From turning adult performers into young children using balloon sleeves and bloomers, to dressing puppeteers as wind spirits inspired by bunraku kurogo (traditional all black costumes), Kimie Nakano's Olivier award-winning costume design for My Neighbour Totoro helps to bring the animated film to life on stage.


Celebrating Cycles

The natural cycles of birth and death are at the core of Boy Blue’s latest work, co-founder Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante tells us.

Michael Rother

NEU! music: An interview with Michael Rother

Experimental musician Michael Rother has influenced artists such as David Bowie, Brian Eno, Radiohead and Sonic Youth. Ahead of a concert that explores his back catalogue, he tells us why making new music keeps him fresh.