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A man in an orange top is in a workshop and a robot with solar panels on the top is placed next to the camera

Our Time on Earth Shorts: The Utopians

Artist and scientist Joaquín Fargas embarks on a quest to reveal the environmental impact of extracting lithium, a key component of electric cars – which aren’t as sustainable as Tesla or Toyota want you to believe.

Actors on stage: four people are trapped behind a door, looking desperately at another person reaching towards them.

In Conversation With Gecko Theatre

We spoke to Gecko Theatre’s Artistic Director, Amit Lahav, and performers, Ryen Perkins-Gangnes, Madeleine Fairminer, Mario Patrón, Miguel Hernando Torres Umba and Saju Hari, about their sell-out production The Wedding.

Woman in front of Full Stop by John Latham

Jane Alison's personal highlights from Postwar Modern

Our Head of Visual Arts and Postwar Modern curator Jane Alison talks us through a few of her highlights from the exhibition. She uncovers the stories behind the works, considers their importance to the period and reflects on her personal thoughts on them.

a group of people sit in a row on a stage and an audience of people are facing them with their backs to the camera

Can we be artists?

Who decides what art is? We're taking a look back at our panel talk, Can we be artists? with our community collaborator Headway East London.

Noguchi sat with some cool AKARI lamps

How Noguchi Created an Icon

Isamu Noguchi’s Akari light sculptures are a familiar sight in homes worldwide and have spawned many imitations. This is the story behind the icon.

Painting of a shirtless man standing on a large sea shell on the sea, with a bright blue sky background

Me, Headway, Dubuffet and art brut

Submit to Love Studios member Chris Miller shares the impact art has had on his life following his stroke, and reflects on the work of Dubuffet and art brut.  

A woman holding a newspaper

Claudia Andujar: Art and activism

Through her photographs, Claudia Andujar conveyed something of the world of the Yanomami; but when the community was threatened, she put the images to a new and powerful use – helping them fight for survival.