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Noguchi sat with some cool AKARI lamps

How Noguchi Created an Icon

Isamu Noguchi’s Akari light sculptures are a familiar sight in homes worldwide and have spawned many imitations. This is the story behind the icon.

Painting of a shirtless man standing on a large sea shell on the sea, with a bright blue sky background

Me, Headway, Dubuffet and art brut

Submit to Love Studios member Chris Miller shares the impact art has had on his life following his stroke, and reflects on the work of Dubuffet and art brut.  

A woman holding a newspaper

Claudia Andujar: Art and activism

Through her photographs, Claudia Andujar conveyed something of the world of the Yanomami; but when the community was threatened, she put the images to a new and powerful use – helping them fight for survival.

an aerial view of the sea

Meet the Artist: Nye Thompson

Artist Nye Thompson speaks to us about the politics of island geography and national identity explored in her video installation INSULAE [Of the Island].

photo of pink suits

Open Lab: Ones to watch in 2021

Always on a mission to find and support exciting new talent, our Theatre team has selected six must-see artists for our Open Lab programme.

photo of a man with glasses in a wheelchair

Meet the Artist: Jamie Hale

In a new interview series, we get to know some of the performers, artists and creatives from our programme. Cross-discplinary creative Jamie Hale talks to us about their process and creating work during lockdown.