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a woman drawing a rose

Finding the wonder

Anna Beecher and Rachel Lincoln, founders of theatre company Akin explore what inspired their upcoming online show for under-fives.


women in a turkish bath

The sounds of Algerian Resistance

Emma Bouraba looks at the sounds of Algerian resistance, exploring the ideologies in I Still Hide To Smoke, Rayana Obermeyer’s debut feature film, set in a hammam in Algiers during the Black Decade.

a young girl eats a pear at her desk surrounded by pears

Consider the Pear

Writer Iana Murray explores the relationship between fruits and sensuality in Japanese Nao Yoshigai's films.


Brutalist Crayons After School Club

Inspired by the Brutalist architecture of the Barbican Centre and Estate, students from Sydney Russell School and New Regent's College were guided by product designer Tessa Geuze and Stine Keinicke to design and make a series of colourful beeswax crayons.