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a photo of a child with someone's hands on her face, pulling at their skin

The poem that inspired SUPERFAN's Nosedive

Winners of this year’s Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award, SUPERFAN perform Nosedive, using contemporary theatre and circus to look at how cooperation, trust and security shift at different stages of life. 

Euzhan Palcy on set, directing

Getting to know Euzhan Palcy

Although she won the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival and directed Marlon Brando to an Oscar nomination, filmmaker and director Euzhan Palcy’s work remains neglected in the UK, and her films are rarely shown. Here are three things you should know about the director.

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Design Yourself: What is Human?

In the second workshop of our Life Rewired inspired Design Yourself project, our young creatives worked with artist Laurie Ramsell who led a practical workshop exploring the concept of ‘human’. 


Five reasons to watch Anime

Helen McCarthy shares her top five reasons why we should all be watching anime ahead of our Life Rewired inspired cinema season, Anime's Human Machines. 

Blue planet headway

Blue Planet Black Hole

Discover how artists Nicky Deeley and Graham Naylor met and came up with with the idea behind Blue Planet Black Hole.