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A penguin walking around in the water next to a boat

Cinema On Demand: Stunning Shorts from LIAF (U*)

Stunning Shorts from the London International Animation Festival, perfect for the little ones.

young girl leans on a balance bar with a gymnastics studio

Cinema On Demand: Perfect 10 (15)

An aspiring teenage gymnast's life is forever changed by the appearance of the brother she never knew she had.

two men standing in a buy street looking upwards

Cinema On Demand: Jose (18*)

Li Cheng’s passionate gay romance explores the relationship between 19-year-old café waiter José and construction worker Luis.

Woman sitting on the floor looking up at the sky

Cinema On Demand: The Proposal (PG*)

Part thriller, part romance, part artwork itself, this ‘post-mortem love triangle’ takes us on a quest to reanimate the privately-held archives of one of the 20th century’s major architects.

A close up of John David Washington behind glass with criss-cross wiring and a bullet hole

Tenet (#) (35mm)

John David Washington and Robert Pattinson star in director Christopher Nolan's (Inception, Interstellar) latest epic thriller. 

A man sat against a wall holding a book

Cinema On Demand: Allah Tantou (God’s Will) (15*)

A lost gem of first- person filmmaking, this exquisite film explores the story of UN ambassador to Guinea, Marof Achkar, who was recalled, charged with treason and disappeared in 1968.

Two men sat looking out at a camel on a road

Cinema On Demand: Fix Me (15*)

Does a Palestinian have the right to a simple headache? This seemingly irrelevant question takes on much greater significance in the face of the long-lasting Israeli occupation.