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mother tongues

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A panel discussion led by mother tongues on language and digital practices.

mother tongues is an interdisciplinary and research-led collective applying decolonial, feminist and queer theory in exploring language and identity. They run translation parties at archives and libraries and facilitate workshops engaging with art and language. 

In this conversation with mother tongues the panel will be discussing multilingualism, digital languages and identity, as well as digital loudness in relation to activism. 

Angela Chan, Izzy Kroese and Jael de la Luz will present their online curatorial, archival and editorial projects. Drawing from their own experiences of working online they will talk about online visibility and fostering safe spaces for communities advocating for POCLGBTQI+ climate justice, trans visibility and intersectional feminism.

This event is suitable for ages 16+.

Angela Chan is a creative climate change communicator and independently runs Worm, an online platform challenging the criteria for climate change expertise through arts practices. Her research interests span climate and social justice and area studies and contemporary Chinese science fiction. She also writes climate fiction and co-founded the London Chinese Science Fiction Group.

Izzy Kroese currently runs the project Trans Masc Studies - an instagram page used to collect and share images and videos of masculine-leaning gender variance. Historical images of trans men and masculine non-binary people are rare, and so the account acts as an easy access point to trans masculine history and culture.

Jael de La Luz is a Mexican, historian, editor, booktuber and intersectional feminist. She is a columnist in Feminopraxis, an online magazine in Spanish as a well as contributing author for Gal-dem. She is the Community Engagement Officer at LAWA (Latin American Women's Aid), as well part of the London Latinxs.

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