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Max Cooper: Yearning For The Infinite

+ Rob Clouth + Llyr

A beam of light illuminates a face in a dark background

Electronica and techno producer Max Cooper attempts to capture the overwhelming vastness of infinity within the space of the Barbican Hall with his new project Yearning for the Infinite.

The weight of the infinite has never been so greatly felt. We are surrounded by the endless creation of data, which is being generated and stored everywhere, all the time, on a scale beyond human comprehension. With Yearning for the Infinite, Max Cooper delivers the experience of drowning in this sea of information, using data mapping techniques to create a multi-surface projection, to which he composes a soundtrack in real time.

Yearning for the Infinite draws on theories of infinity from throughout history, from its mathematically rigorous usage, to its association with religious and cultist ideas as in Kaballah, as well as its employment in art and music. In these varied perceptions of an unobtainable concept, Cooper sees a reflection of human experience – the toil for the impossible.

This performance will begin promptly at the advertised start time and running time will be confirmed closer to the event.

This performance contains strobe lighting and smoke effects.


10pm, ClubStage

After the show in the Hall, electronic musician, sound designer and new media artist Rob Clouth and electronic artist Llyr keep the evening going with two sets on the ClubStage.

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