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Ryoji Ikeda: music for percussion + datamatics [ver. 2.0]

Ryoji Ikeda presents a show in two parts; first applying his signature musical aesthetic to acoustic instruments, before manipulating the data that permeates our world into an audio-visual spectacle.

Aisha Devi & Pan Diajing

New Rituals: Aïsha Devi feat. Asian Dope Boys + Pan Daijing

Clon presents two ecstatic multi-media performances, making their London premieres, which use Electronic music and visual art as the basis to explore identity and spirituality in the post-digital age.

Jamie and Kate sitting in a room

Jamie Jones & Kate Simko: OPUS 1

Club culture infiltrates the concert hall as Jamie Jones and Kate Simko present OPUS 1 – a collaborative performance that brings together a live orchestra with electronics.