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Life Rewired Shorts - The Last Forever Woman by Ollie Wolf

Woman looking at the camera
8 Mar 2019
12 min watch

What if you could live forever but just didn’t want to? In Ollie Wolf’s ‘The Last Forever Woman’, we meet Alma, an immortal 217-year old who is feeling just that. 

After two centuries of life, love and loss Alma is struggling to go on and so looks to take a final journey to rejoin her deceased wife, Maya.

How does your film respond to the ideas behind Life Rewired?

The Last Forever Woman focuses on the theme of ageing populations and our aim was to use the film to explore the theme of immortally within a global culture that seems transfixed by the desire to live forever. Yes, it’s a tempting idea, but how does it play out in practice and at what cost? We hope that Alma’s voice can offer a personal point of view on ageing as we move into an era where the realities of immortality may lay just around the corner. 

Can you explain the process behind the making of your film?

In a word. Fast. From idea to final film we only had eight weeks, but I was blessed by a team who threw themselves at the project. Thanks guys! The writing process was the hardest part given the delicate subject matter. Seventeen drafts later myself and writing partner Alexandria Macleod hope we have found a strong way through the creative fog to tell an engaging and emotive story. But I’m so close to the material it's hard to tell so I’m really looking forward to seeing how it goes down with audiences. 

What does the filmmaker of the future look like?

The rollout of language implants will allow filmmakers to tell global stories unhindered by the need for subtitles. Once that barrier for audiences disappears it’ll be a brave new world. I can’t wait. 

The realities of immortality may lay just around the corner...

About the filmmaker

Ollie Wolf is a writer/director living in London. He studied graphic design at Central Saint Martins before undertaking an MA in screenwriting at Royal Holloway University. Ollie is now an accomplished director focusing on bold and engaging storytelling. The Last Forever Woman follows on from the success of his last short film 5 Star Fouad - a comedy starring Dominic West - which beat thousands of entrants to win the coveted Jameson First Shot competition. Most recently, he released his second acclaimed video for Brit Award winner Tom Walker. 

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