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Subject to Change: New Horizons / Hector Dyer's 'the sun sets'

This month, Young Creative Hector Dyer presents 'the sun sets' in collaboration with Jemima Yong, inspired by 'Operation Moonshot', the leaked document in the British Medical Journal in which the UK government planned to carry out 10m rapid Covid tests a day by early 2021.


Chapter 1: Claudia Andujar - First Contact


In the first episode of this online series, we meet Brazilian photographer Claudia Andujar as she remembers her first encounter with the Yanomami, one of Brazil’s largest indigenous peoples, and describes how her series of photographs came about.

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From the Archive: Maren Ade on Toni Erdmann

We're rewatching the 2016 German comedy-drama, Toni Erdmann which sees a practical joking father try to reconnect with his hard working daughter and in the process creating a ludicrous alter ego

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Claudia Andujar: Art and activism

Through her photographs, Claudia Andujar conveyed something of the world of the Yanomami; but when the community was threatened, she put the images to a new and powerful use – helping them fight for survival.