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Trevor Paglen in an exhibition
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Trevor Paglen On 'From Apple to Anomaly'

Exploring the underbelly of our digital world, Trevor Paglen discusses the deeper meanings in his installation in The Curve, revealing the powerful, and often hidden, forces at play in artificial intelligence.

Woman looking at a series of small paintings
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Art for all: ¡30–30! in Mexico City

Embodying the revolutionary spirit of the 1920s, we take a closer look at ¡30–30!, a group whose their socialist ideals to promote affordable and accessible art, as displayed in 'Into the Night'.

Woman looking at a painting of two figures
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New Women in the Weimar Republic

Discover the overlooked female artists in the late 1920s Germany, who captured the pulsating energy of nightclubs and the alternative lifestyles that flourished within them, as revealed in the exhibition, 'Into the Night'.

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Rebuilding Vienna's Cabaret Fledermaus

From a black and white photograph to a life-size recreation in our gallery, we explore the story behind Cabaret Fledermaus and how we brought it back to life in Into the Night: Cabarets and Clubs in Modern Art.

Silhouette of woman in a room full of shadows
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Shadow play in the Chat Noir

We take a closer look at the iconic Chat Noir cabaret in the bohemian Montmartre district of Paris, as recreated in our 'Into the Night' exhibition.

a photo of a child with someone's hands on her face, pulling at their skin

The poem that inspired SUPERFAN's Nosedive

Winners of this year’s Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award, SUPERFAN perform Nosedive, using contemporary theatre and circus to look at how cooperation, trust and security shift at different stages of life. 

four young people sitting around a table drinking
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Screen Notes: Nightlife

We embark on a noctural journey full of passion, transgression and joy as we look at these films exploring what happens in bars and clubs after dark.


trevor paglen smiling at the camera

Barbican Meets: Trevor Paglen


Artist Trevor Paglen talks to us about AI bias, the power algorithms can hold, and how images can become a currency in a digital age.