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Me, Headway, Dubuffet and art brut

Submit to Love Studios member Chris Miller shares the impact art has had on his life following his stroke, and reflects on the work of Dubuffet and art brut.  

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Video Essay: How is Autism depicted in cinema?

To celebrate our 'Autism and Cinema' season, Luís Azevedo (aka Beyond the Frame) looks at the way cinema has depicted autistic characters, and considers how the language of cinema can be challenged and changed by autistic perspectives.

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From Art Brut to Outsider Art

A Little History of Art Beyond the (So-Called) Mainstream - Charlotte Flint explores the origins of Dubuffet’s phrase ‘Art Brut’, its impact on art history, the different artists whose work he collected, alongside the importance of ‘Art Brut’ today.


A Dubuffet Love-In with Adam Green

Musician Adam Green joins curator Eleanor Nairne for a special evening discussing his 2016 film, Aladdin, his favourite artworks and Dubuffet's influence on his creativity. 

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Claudia Andujar: In Her Words

Watch our documentary series as we meet Brazilian photographer Claudia Andujar as she remembers her first encounter with the Yanomami, one of Brazil’s largest indigenous peoples, and describes how her series of photographs came about.

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From the Archive: The Sound of Nonesuch Records

We look back to May 2015 and our celebration of the New York based record label, Nonesuch Records. We meet president Bob Hurwitz and Nonesuch artists Timo Andres and Rhiannon Giddens for a look at the history of this unique label. 

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From the Archive: Transcender 2015

Another week in the archive as Ben Eshmade spends time immersed in 2015’s Transcender festival revelling in the ecstatic, devotional and psychedelic music of Atom TM and Robin Fox, Arifa, Faiz Ali Faiz and Leo Abrahams and David Coulter.