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Manifest Your Goals Workshop

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Put your goals into action now in this interactive workshop led by coach Dior Bediako. 

Untether common fears which are holding you back from reaching your personal goals and creative identity. 

In this workshop, you will learn how to build a loving connection between your present and future self, while learning that clarity and discipline are key factors in loving yourself and overcoming your fears. 

Event Information

This workshop is only open to Young Barbican: The Takeover ticket holders. 

This workshop is on Sunday 1 May at 1pm. 

Workshop will be approximately 1 hour. 

Please sign-up for the workshop on the day with hosts outside the Level G studio. 

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Pepper Your Talk

Dior is a dynamic coach, host, keynote speaker and founder of the self-growth school Pepper Your Talk. Dior is passionate about helping others with their personal growth goals; truly believing that everyone has infinite potential and a world of possibilities within them.

Level G Studio