Madelon Vriesendorp, Flagrant Deělit, Artist's Revision 1975-85

Architecture on Stage: Madelon Vriesendorp and Sam Jacob

Presenting architects in conversation with creative figures, Architecture Foundation’s headline annual lecture sees architect Sam Jacob in conversation with Dutch visual artist Madelon Vriesendorp.

Gecko: The Wedding

Seducing audiences with intricate choreography, provocative narratives and vivid symbolism, The Wedding brings the union between state and individual into question amid a flurry of white dresses.

Le Théâtre de L’Entrouvert: Anywhere

Oedipus, a marionette made almost entirely of ice, sets out on a redemptive voyage accompanied only by Antigone, their long passage punctuated by poetic visions of water and fire, shadow and light.


Modern Couples: Art, Intimacy and the Avant-garde

Don't miss your chance to explore modern art and modern love. In its final weeks, this major exhibition reveals how relationships can become a playground for creativity.

Stephanie Wilkinson, Barbican Library, Living Design,

Living Design - A Barbican Library Foyer Exhibition

An exhibition of desirable ceramics, art and furnishings by two skilled makers from Teddington Carmela Kantorowicz and Stephanie Wilkinson.

Fourth Choir, Making Music,

Making Music Together: A Barbican Music Library Exhibition

Celebrating leisure-time music in the UK, this exhibition features quotes, posters and film from Making Music member groups and a specially commissioned series of portraits of leisure-time musicians.