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Abstract painting 946-3 by Gerhard Richter

Steve Reich/Gerhard Richter

Steve Reich and Gerhard Richter – two giants of contemporary culture – come together in a major new collaboration: a cinematic exploration of Richter’s intense, abstract painting 946-3.

An illustration of the guests for Swordfishtrombones Revisited in the style of the record artwork

Swordfishtrombones Revisited

David Coulter presents the world premiere of his re-interpretation of Tom Waits’ darkest, boldest record with guests including Matthew E White, Nadine Shah, Sarah Blasko, Dorian Wood and Lisa O’Neill.

The Philip Glass Ensemble with Philip Glass pose for a photo in a concert hall

Philip Glass & the Philip Glass Ensemble

A rare opportunity to see Philip Glass with the Philip Glass Ensemble, as they perform one of the composer’s early masterpieces for the first time in over 48 years in the UK.

Nik Bartsch playing solo piano on a pool of water, with a lit white backdrop

Nik Bärtsch & Sophie Clements: When The Clouds Clear

Pianist and composer Nik Bärtsch collaborates with visual artist Sophie Clements to explore the interplay of light, water and sound in a new audio-visual piece.