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Breathwork by Davel Holveck-Patel

Darbar Festival

Photograph of Davel Holveck-Patel

Tap into the wisdom of breath and the universal sound of ‘AUM’. Discover breathing techniques grounded in ancient practices, which create harmony with the brain and body. 

The breath never lies. It is an accurate reflection of how you react or respond to life. In this session, simple breathing techniques grounded by ancient practices help create an optimal state of harmony with your brain, lungs, heart, circulatory, immune and digestive system.

Davel Holveck-Patel is a spirited breathologist, passionate about the power and the wisdom of the breath. She will guide you to tune into your own ability to energise or soothe yourself with the 6/6 breath. Understand how a conscious-connected five or even six breaths per minute can reduce stress and anxiety, create a better mind-body balance and perhaps tap into higher states of consciousness.

Part of Darbar Festival

This event takes place in Frobisher Rooms 1-3. The event start times are different on the Saturday and Sunday. 

On Sat 28 Oct, the event starts at 12pm and runs until 1pm.

On Sun 29 Oct, the event starts at 1.30pm and runs until 2.30pm.

Doors open 15 mins before the start time. No admission 5 mins after the session has started.

Presented by Darbar in association with the Barbican

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