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The Strangeness of Dub: The Last Angel of History & Gangsta Gangsta (12)

The Edge of the Centre

Strangeness of Dub

The Black Audio Film Collective redefined the documentary genre, chronicling Britain’s multicultural past and present. Join co-founder and writer Edward George for this rare screening of two films.

Framed by the fictional story of a time-travelling ‘Data Thief’ played by the film’s writer Edward George, The Last Angel of History (1996) is director John Akomfrah’s hybrid documentary exploring the idea of Afrofuturism and the displacement of Black culture. 

Gangsta Gangsta: The Tragedy of Tupac Shakur (1998) was the last film made by Black Audio Film Collective. Under George’s direction, the biopic of one of the most celebrated rappers in history becomes a mediation on revolutionary nationalism, ideas of a ‘destructive character’ and the intensity of life.

In his own unique way, George delves into the history and music of anti-far right movement Rock Against Racism at a special recording of his Radio programme The Strangeness of Dub at the Barbican on Tuesday 26 July. 

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