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The Strangeness of Dub: Genealogies of Rock Against Racism

Strangeness of Dub

Founder-member of the Black Audio Film collective, Edward George excavates a musical history of the anti-fascist movement Rock Against Racism in this live recording of his radio show.

Writer and researcher Edward George’s radio show The Strangeness of Dub dives into dub, versions and versioning, drawing on critical theory, social history, a deep and broad musical selection, and live dub mixing. For this latest episode, he’ll be our guide on an exploration of the 1970s social movement Rock Against Racism, which saw punk, reggae, post punk and two tone mobilise against the rise of the far right in Britain at the time.  

This special recording of The Strangeness of Dub is part of The Edge of the Centre - our series inviting artists working around the periphery of the Barbican to programme events in our spaces. The show will be released  on Morley Radio later in the year.

​​​​​​On 23 July we’re screening two of George’s films with The Black Audio Film Collective: The Last Angel of History and Gangsta Gangsta.

George is a co-founder of Black Audio Film Collective, a pioneering group of seven British artists and thinkers who from 1982-98 pushed the boundaries of documentary film as they chronicled Britain’s multicultural past and present.

Produced in association with Morley Radio

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