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Mandem Don’t Cry: Deconstructing Grime, Race and Masculinity


Illustration of Stormzy

MANDEM present an insightful discussion on how modern masculinity is experienced and expressed by black men in the UK

The UK has done an admirable job in the recent past of addressing outdated ideas of masculinity. However, black men are still disproportionately over-represented in prisons and mental health institutions. This panel talk will explore whether the media’s portrayal of ‘progressive masculinity’ encompasses the experiences of black men, and whether men in marginalised communities have a tougher time being open and vulnerable. The aim is to widen the conversation, making these topics accessible to a wider demographic. MANDEM are aware these issues affect people of all ethnicities, classes and genders, and open the doors to this event to all.

The panel includes Goldsmith University lecturer Dr Adom Philogene-Heron, artist Will Oklok Taylor, CEO of StudyFast Jordan Harry and entrepreneur Vince Baidoo.


image of a naked black man holding his knees to his chest

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We take a look at how musicians have dealt with the subject of masculinity to celebrate our upcoming exhibition Masculinities: Liberation through Photography.

Frobisher Auditorium 1