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Feminists Look at Masculinity


Ana Mendieta applying a beard

Feminist Duration Reading Group invite feminists of all genders and generations to reflect on resistant representations of masculinity in a participatory event involving discussion and live writing.

Over the past fifty years, some of the most incisive critical approaches to masculinity have come from feminist writers, scholars, and artists. Historically, feminists have questioned dominant representations of masculinity in order to imagine and devise subversive new imagery, and continue to do to this day.

Led by Flora Dunster (visual culture and sexualities scholar), Sabrina Fuller (artist), and Helena Reckitt (curator and writer), the session takes place within, and responds to Masculinities: Liberation Through Photography, encompassing discussion and analysis, listening and writing around these themes and others.

Participants are asked to bring with them an image that relates in some way to a resistant or challenging representation of masculinity. This could be something from art or popular culture, a photograph from their personal album or archive, or an image that they have created themselves.

It is accompanied by a free meeting of the Feminist Duration Reading Group exploring key feminist texts on masculinities in an out loud group reading.  

Tickets to this event include entry to Masculinities: Liberation Through Photography


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Listen: Masculinities playlist

We take a look at how musicians have dealt with the subject of masculinity to celebrate our upcoming exhibition Masculinities: Liberation through Photography.

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