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Piano Day: Pieter de Graaf + AVA

Pieter de Graaf playing a piano

Celebrate Piano Day with us for the third year in a row, with a free performance on Level G from pianist Pieter de Graaf and instrumental duo AVA.

Working his way through classic pop, the great composers and jazz, pianist Pieter de Graaf has absorbed the full joy of the piano. Combining grabbing melodies with virtuosic playing, his songs are formed from improvising around segments of music, with a focus on the emotional rather than the technical.

A collaboration between violinist Anna Phoebe and pianist Aisling Brouwer, AVA combine their classical instruments with cinematic soundscapes and haunting electronics.

Founded in 2015, Piano Day is an annual worldwide event brought to life by Nils Frahm and a group of likeminded people, taking place on the 88th day of the year, celebrating the number of keys on the instrument. Piano Day aims to raise the profile of the piano globally, inspiring more piano players of all ages and abilities as well as promoting piano playing in public spaces.

Produced by the Barbican in association with Manners McDade

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