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Merit Ariane performs onstage with raised arms

LSO Eclectica: Birdsong & Borders with Merit Ariane

Singer and composer Merit Ariane brings together an international ensemble for new and traditional music, crossing cultures and continents and connecting music to the magic of birdsong.

Jonsí & Alex, in military style jackets and feathered adornments, sit in long grass

Jónsi & Alex Somers: Riceboy Sleeps

Performing their expansive ambient record Riceboy Sleeps ten years since its creation, Jónsi & Alex showcase the album in full for its first ever European performance.

Rim Banna wearing a red dress and large jewellery. She is leaning on her elbow and looking away from the camera.

The Trace of the Butterfly: A Tribute to Rim Banna

Singer-songwriter Tania Saleh, pianist Faraj Suleiman, MC Bu Kolthoum and singer Sabrine Jenhani celebrate the life and music of singer and activist Rim Banna.