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People @ Work


Consider whether the next generation of automation could support people to collaborate, learn, develop knowledge and pursue their ambitions in the workplace. 

What if the next generation of automation in the workplace was designed to actually benefit workers – not just take away their jobs. What can automation at work offer our physical or cognitive skills? Could computers help us to make the most of neurodiversity and a range of physical abilities in the workplace?

A panel of experts in the field of design, robotics, policy and business have come together with Masters in Research Design Pathway group from the Royal College of Art to present a series of new prototypes which illustrate to the public scenarios where the human capability to create, learn, interrogate and explore can thrive through technology.

Protoypes include Pando, a hybrid robot-plant which reacts and grows in response to its owner’s motivations, and a glove that that can be used to preserve craft processes.

Free, drop in from 12pm - 8pm

Interactive workshops with Pando witll take play on Tue 4 Jun between 11am - 4pm.

A live music performance using the glove will take place at 5pm on Monday 3 June and the glove will be free to try out throughout 3-5 June.

Part of Life Rewired

A season exploring what it means to be human when technology is changing everything


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