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Behind a Façade of Order

Behind a Facade of Order artwork

In response to the seemingly impossible worlds of M C Escher, Ben Kreukniet creates an algorithmic installation which builds a tangled hierarchy between human, machine and architecture. 

M C Escher’s illustrations were a reflection of his inventive inner world, where mathematical playfulness met illusory, almost psychedelic landscape. Creating spatial impossibilities and alternative perspectives on reality. What would he have done with today’s technology?

Using the architecture of the Barbican as a starting point, Behind a Facade of Order constructs a complex digital world of feedback loops and visual paradox. As the movement of passers-by feeds the program, the constantly-evolving imagery blurs reality and virtual space. Where does the artist stop and the machine begin?

Part of Life Rewired

A season exploring what it means to be human when technology is changing everything


triptych photo of marcus ben and robert

Barbican Meets: Marcus du Sautoy + Ben Kreukniet + Robert Thomas

What is the future of technology and the arts? We meet mathematician Marcus du Sautoy, composer Robert Thomas and artist Ben Kreukniet to find out.

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