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Poetry and the Machine

Artist and the Machine


A workshop with the Barbican Young Poets responding to the AI: More than Human exhibition. 

Experience a series of workshops and performances led by the Barbican Young Poets who will be responding to Es Devlin’s Poem Portraits and the AI: More than Human exhibition. Sessions will be exploring ideas around poetry written by A.I. and how they align with poetry written by humans. The poets will be looking at themes such as Anglophone bias, gaming and images of the human body.

Workshops start at 11.30am with a performance from the Barbican Young Poets at 4pm. 

This event is part of Artist and the Machine

Due to limited capacity sign up on the day is required.

Workshop Schedule:
11.30am: Cyber-Dada, collaborating with the machine.
1pm: Anglophone Bias, Poetry in Translation. 
2.30pm: Gaming, Text Adventures, Interactive Stories
4pm: Performance by Barbican Young Poets

Part of Life Rewired

A season exploring what it means to be human when technology is changing everything

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