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Romp 'n' Roll

romp and roll

Let your little one discover dance as you boogy on down together

Romp 'n' Roll is a fun opportunity for adult and child to be dance partners and creative collaborators. The 45 minute session invites adults and their toddlers  to take their socks off and dance to really good music. Be prepared to roll, slide and crawl on the floor, roar like a lion and jump.

The session is a soft learning approach to dance, initiating the discovery of rhythm, coordination and listening. We all do everything together, no kiddy tunes.

Ages: 2–6 years + adult, children must be accompanied by parent . 
What to wear: Soft,comfortable movement clothes, layers. Leggings, trousers, or track pants. 

Times: Sat & Sun 11–11.45am

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Romp 'n' Roll is produced by Adrenalindance; Hackney Children's Theatre's children's dance program and is led by artistic director Andrew Coombs. Hackney Children’s Theatre presents and produces theatre made for children and is currently roving Hackney.


a photo of children at the barbican centre

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