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roller blading learning

Bring along the family and learn to skate with the help of east London’s community roller skating project, Let’s Roll CIC

We’re turning our Foyers on Level -1 into a roller rink and inviting the helpful, experienced and welcoming team over at Let’s Roll CIC to come and teach families how to skate.

Perfect for beginner skaters who want to grasp the basics and most importantly learnt to skate safely with people who know how to take you from rolling novice, to blading pro.

Info on sessions:

  • We’ll have three, 30 minute learn to skate sessions each morning running from 11am–1pm with fifteen minute breaks between each
  • You’ll need to head down to Level -1 and collect your wristband at 10.30am for one of the sessions
  • Training aids and obstacles will be used with occasional bursts of music
  • Age restriction of no under 5s
  • Under-14s must be accompanied by an adult, either on the rink, or watching from the rest area
  • Capacity on the rink is 30


    Important information:

    • Wristbands are handed out on a first come, first served basis
    • Parents who wish to accompany their children on the rink must have a wristband and will be counted in the capacity but parents don’t need to wear skates on the rink if they don’t want to

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