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Head, Heart and Guts

With the Creative Citizenship Fellows


Come and explore your power to make positive change in the places we share with one another with the Creative Citizenship Fellows as they investigate the head, hearts and guts of our communities.

You can discover how playful creativity helps build stronger communities. Or flex your critical problem solving skills in the collective HEAD Space.

Alternatively, celebrate your community's activists, active citizens and most dynamic action makers by designing a Rosette of Glory from the HEART.

Get to the GUTS of the matter with the Scale of Power - exploring your agency to make change happen.

Or stop at a conversation station to discuss, debate, listen and learn with other Barbican OpenFest visitors.

Or you can do it all, just bring your Head, Heart and Guts with you and we’ll provide the rest…

Saturday 11am–4pm.

The Creative Citizen Fellowship Programme is a joint initiative between the London Borough of Waltham Forest and the Barbican. Read their blog and learn more about the Fellowship here.


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