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Barbican Young Poets Showcase

Young creatives take the stage

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Our Barbican Young Poets have been developing their skills over the past six months to bring you this showcase; a night of poetry from some of London's most talented wordsmiths

The Barbican Young Poets define themselves poetically in very diverse ways: as performance poets, page poets, spoken word artists, sometimes as rappers. Over the course of the programme, that sense of themselves may have shifted into a new direction, or it may have solidified.

The poets have been working together as a community since October 2017. They have explored a broad range of poetic styles and influences, and have worked with Jacob Sam-La Rose as well as guest tutors including R.A. Villanueva, to push forward and develop their work.

They have produced a portfolio of work that reflects their unique poetic voice, and have selected and edited two poems for their anthology.

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Barbican Young Poets is a Babrican Guildhall Creative Learning project.

Part of Barbican OpenFest

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Meet one of the young poets

Milton Court Concert Hall