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Subject to Change: New Horizons

12 barbican creatives

A multidisciplinary group of Barbican Young Creatives produce new, artistic work that explores the uncertain times we're living in.

Each month for a year, Young Creatives will be commissioned to produce new and powerful artistic work responding to the uncertain times we are living in.

From July 2020, one creative response – ranging from poetry and music to visual arts and moving image – will be published each month on Barbican’s digital and social media platforms, chronicling the next twelve months.

The Young Creatives are: Remi Graves, Oliver Cross, Destiny Adeyemi, Jeremiah Brown & Gabriel Jones, Timalka Kalubowila, Georgia Morgan Turner, Mandisa Apena & Tice Cin, Esme Allman, Leo Long, Annie Fan & Cia Mangat, Natasia Patel, Hector Dyer.

Making Subject to Change: New Horizons

Each individual or collaborating pair of Young Creatives is matched with an Artist Mentor – an artist who supports the Young Creatives in realising and developing their pieces through 1:1 feedback sessions and conversations. In addition, each Mentor runs a special session for the group over the course of the programme, with a focus on creative career development and the practical and emotional realities of being an artist in today’s world. Resources from these sessions will be published online. The Artist Mentors are experts in their fields and lead our Young Creatives programmes

The Artist Mentors

December: Georgia Morgan Turner


Georgia Morgan Turner presents 'An Illustrated Carol', inspired by the winter solstice.


November: Timalka Kalubowila

Timalka presents a short film exploring the mental health crisis faced by young people, further exasperated by recent lockdown measures


October: Pandemic by Jeremiah ‘Sugar J’ Brown and Gabriel ‘Bump Kin’ Jones

Jeremiah 'Sugar J' Brown and Gabriel Jones present a short film and spoken word piece exploring the challenges and frustrations of lockdown throughout the pandemic.


September: Destiny Adeyemi's 'Fat, Black & Sad.'

Destiny Adeyemi presents Fat, Black & Sad. a new poem and short film exploring fatphobia and the public's perception of fatness. 


August: Oliver Cross' '#NotGoingOut'

Oliver Cross presents #NotGoingOut, a video which looks at his experience as a young disabled neurodivergent artist during lockdown.


July: Remi Graves' 'On Breathing'

Remi Graves presents a poem, inspired by "the disproportionate amount of deaths of black people during the Covid-19 pandemic in the USA and UK, and the recent, yet brief media resurgence of interest in systemic racism and police brutality".

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Lead photo credits: Oliver Cross (Oliver Cross), Destiny Adeyemi (Jolade Olusanya), Gabriel Jones (Cesare De Giglio), Jeremiah Brown (Catarina Rodrigues), Hector Dyer (Emily Demetriou), Annie Fan (Christy Ku), Timalka Kalubowila (Timalka Kalubowila), Esme Allman (Caleb Azumah Nelson), Leo Long (Nigel Barrett Photography), Georgia Morgan Turner (Georgia Morgan Turner), Remi Graves (Hayley Madden), Tice Cin (Eric Aydin-Barberini), Mandisa Apena (Mandisa Apena), Cia Mangat (Christy Ku), Natasia Patel (Natasia Patel)