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Shirley Chisholm

At a time of significant national and global uncertainty, our 2018 season explores how artists respond to, reflect and potentially effect change in the social and political landscape.

The Art of Change presents bold artistic responses to vital global issues including feminism, climate change and human rights, while providing a platform for voices currently underrepresented in the arts.


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Subject to Change

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Subject to Change: 'Honey' by Katie Hale

Our January poem comes from Katie Hale, as she performs her poem, 'Honey' - because what better way to interrogate a word than with a poem? Read our interview with Katie for more about her poem and how poetry can be a powerful vehicle for change.


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How can the arts respond to change? Discover more from our 2018 annual theme as we engage with change through regular articles, podcasts and our monthly video series throughout the year.