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New East Cinema

A crowd of people in Belarus waving the countries flag

New East Cinema is a London-based collective working to deliver the most recent and exciting auteur-driven cinema from the New East to the UK as a means of alternative distribution.

The New East, a term including post-Communist and post-Soviet states from Eastern Europe and Central Asia, has been misrepresented in the West, primarily due to the fact that the region has not been explored at breadth. Believing that cinema is one of the most appropriate ways to give us insights into a culture, the series delivers independent national New East cinema to the UK, often directly from the festival circuit, in an attempt to substitute the mystification of the region with understanding.

The series goes in search of filmmakers who ask what this ‘post-Soviet’ or ‘post-socialist’ landscape may look like and what legacy it bears in their countries. Whether surreal, outright fantastical, outlandish or sobering, these films share a hunger for personal and authentic storytelling and ways of seeing.


New East Cinema is presented in collaboration with the Barbican and HOME.


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