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In the Rearview (15*) + ScreenTalk with director Maciek Hamela (via Zoom)

New East Cinema

A young girl sitting in a van full of people holds up a note.

As homes are turned into war zones, a van travels across Ukraine – passing through cities, towns, and villages so small they can’t be found on the map – to help people evacuate to the Polish border.

In February 2022, days after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Polish director Maciek Hamela bought a van to help evacuate civilians in neighbouring Ukraine.

At some point during his many trips to the Polish border and back, the director-turned-driver, along with friend and cinematographer Piotr Grawender, decided to document the people getting in his van in search of safety.

The hundreds of hours of footage, skilfully edited down, amount to a humane portrait of Ukrainians in crisis where compassion, joy, and sometimes even humour, still find their way amidst the horror. A composed driver determined to help, Hamela’s directorial role always comes second.

This screening will be followed by a ScreenTalk with director Maciek Hamela (via Zoom), hosted by BBC World Service journalist Kateryna Khinkulova (on stage).


2023 Poland/Ukraine/France dir Maciek Hamela 86 mins

Kateryna Khinkulova

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