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Mozart's Requiem

Insula Orchestra

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Mozart’s awe-inspiring Requiem makes even more of an impact in an imaginative musical context – a real speciality of Laurence Equilbey and her energising, uncompromising Insula Orchestra. 

Mozart wrestled with his Requiem until the last hours of his life, and with its raw emotion and brooding colours it’s as if he’d glimpsed the Romantic future that he wouldn’t live to see. Critics have praised Insula Orchestra’s restless, provocative recording of the Requiem; and Equilbey’s acclaimed period-instrument performers know that music this powerful demands absolute commitment. 

So tonight the Requiem is presented as part of a wider musical narrative, including the imposing Marche funèbre by Mozart’s near-contemporary Luigi Cherubini and Mozart’s own quietly overwhelming Masonic Funeral Music. And then, together with Equilbey’s handpicked choir Accentus, Mozart once again takes his final journey: a musical experience that rarely fails to evoke pity, compassion and awe. 

This performance will end at approximately 9pm, with no interval.


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Listen: Insula Orchestra

Listen to Laurence Equilbey conducting Insula Orchestra and Accentus in Mozart's Requiem.

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