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Eat The Screen: Alcarràs + The Fishing Net (15)

Senior Community Screening

Still from Alcarras

Image: copyright Lluis Tudela  

Based in the director’s own experience growing up on a peach farm, and spiralling out into fiction, this complex, sensitive film considers the pressures of market forces; plus a short Egyptian film. 

For three generations, the Solé family have been growing peaches in the Catalan village of Alcarràs. They are getting ready for harvest when their landlord announces he’s decided to grub up their orchards, and replace them with fields of solar panels. Jordi, dad of the family, is told he can retrain as a solar panel engineer, he’ll make more money that way. 

Alcarràs follows the various fractures that open up in the family as the news sinks in, and with all the other pressures of a farming life piling up: will the crop fail, will the rabbits eat it all, and will the supermarkets pay a decent price?

Screening alongside El Habbasa's The Fishing Net, which you can read more about below.

Join us for a free Senior Community Screening as part of Eat The Screen.

Spain/Italy 2022 Dir Carla Simon 120 min digital 

Dania Elmor | Egypt | Documentary | 10min

Image: copyright Lluis Tudela  


The Fishing Net (El Habbasa)

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