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New Rituals: Ryoichi Kurokawa + Nkisi

Portrait photos of Ryoichi Kurokawa and Nkisi

Two transformative audiovisual performances exploring identity and spirituality in the post-digital age receive their UK premieres.

In subassemblies, Ryoichi Kurokawa digitally reconstructs ruins of nature and architecture and electronic musician Nkisi mixes improvisation, trance and African Cosmology in her visceral performance, Invisible Gestures.

Japanese artist Kurokawa is a poet of transformative cinema, bringing analogue and natural imagery into digital platforms. Tonight he uses 3D imaging, thermal image and film to explore the relationship between architecture and its surroundings; human-made structures and nature.

Nkisi takes from both her Congolese heritage and club music such as gabber and hardcore in her signature sound. Here she draws on her research into vibrational rhythm and ancient Kongo traditions, connecting with the audience: sound materialises as vibrational fields and visuals move through the space.

Produced by the Barbican in association with New Rituals.

New Rituals is an event series curated by Estela Oliva. 

This performance will contain extensive strobing effects


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gazelle twin performing in the barbican conservatory

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